Self-doubt and realizing you are unique.

As I made my way down the trail I was focused on an internal conversation.  I was questioning myself on recent career decisions.  I was questioning my qualifications, my gifts, my knowledge.  It was a harsh interview and it hurt.  And then I looked up.  I saw in the distance a gorgeous tamarack tree.  It was standing straight and tall and was surrounded by ponderosa after ponderosa.  I took a deep breath and paused.  The words came to me, a reminder of words from a wise mentor.  We are all granted a wonderfully unique set of gifts, skills and strengths.  We are each so rare and precious and what we bring to the table cannot be duplicated.  So take a deep breath and pause.  What makes you unique?  What opportunities surround you even now where you can stand straight and tall?  What is your gift?   How are you a tamarack?

Julie Engh Peters

Julie Engh Peters

Your friendly local farmer & life coach


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