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A couple of weeks ago I led a Gottman Couple’s Relationship Retreat at Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp. The couples that I worked with were absolutely wonderful. They were brave, loving and generous. We had such a rich experience because they were willing to invest in themselves, each other and the group. They were willing to work on all angles of their relationship, starting with themselves and building toward their partner.  It was a privilege to teach and to be part of the group. 

I will be teaching a class again soon because the content and the experience are so excellent. LOOK FOR YOUR NEXT OPPORTUNITY TO INVEST IN YOURSELF AND YOUR LOVED ONES! It is worth every minute and every penny. #Relationships #TheSevenPrinciplesForMakingMarriageWork #JohnGottman #DeepRootsLifeCoaching

Julie Engh Peters

Julie Engh Peters

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