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Let go of your clutter

My nephew has been learning about minimalism. He said that one fellow suggested packing everything you own into boxes, then unpacking the boxes as you only as you need the items.  His theory was that in this way you would find out what you actually needed or desired and then could easily just get rid of the rest.

It was a path toward discernment and letting go…

It made me look around my house.

It made me see our clutter and all the extra we have laying about here and there.

It made me think of letting go.

The concept can be tangible with regard to stuff, but it can be intangible too.

What do you need to let go?  A grudge? Worry? Memories? Money? Things?

I have begun to realize that as I clear the clutter, physical and emotional,  I feel lighter and happier.  I feel more focused and positive.

So go on, let go of your “clutter”!

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Julie Engh Peters

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