Fill yourself up with the good stuff

“You are what you eat.”

We have heard that phrase so often and now with a further understanding of nutrition we realize that our food is our medicine.

But we don’t only consume food.

We also consume information.

We consume social media.

We consume images and statements.

We need to be as careful with our emotional consumption as we are with our nutritional consumption.

We need to be aware of the toxicity we are taking in on social media, our news vendors and in our personal conversations.

Luckily we can take control, we have choices.

We can put up our boundaries and protect ourselves.  We don’t have to be a part of negativity.  We can eat more veggies while focusing on the good things people are trying to do in this world.

We can fill ourselves up with the good stuff.

Julie Engh Peters

Julie Engh Peters

Your friendly local farmer & life coach


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